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Who Are the Best American Psychics in 2015?

Who are the most respected current psychics in the United States? Which spirit mediums are better than all the rest? Who makes the best and most accurate predictions each year?

Ask ten random people these questions and I imagine you’ll get ten different answers.

I’ve spent years learning about the American psychic landscape, trying to build a complete guide to American seers, spirit mediums, Tarot card readers, and astrologers. It’s an evolving community of psychic talents out there, so it’s a constant task to maintain a directory of these special people.

Keep in mind that, among the gifted empathic readers and sensitives out there, you’ll find a certain number of scam artists and charlatans. Some professional psychics are simply intuitive or skilled readers of people who might have gone into the psychiatric or psychological professions, but never received the formal training to enter that field. Many of these types consider themselves entertainers, though they’re entertainers with a certain skill at guiding people. You might not consider their work ethical, but remember, many respected spiritualists in every age and every belief system have used the same talents.

When you think about, the Tarot card readers and priestly confessors of olden days were the psychologists and counselors of their time. The world hasn’t changed that much, and people certainly haven’t changed.

Best American Psychics

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Having spent a good deal of time hunting down psychics and spiritualists that could help me get in touch with myself, I feel I’m well qualified to share with you the four psychics from around the country that I felt were most helpful, most “tuned in”, and most accurate.

Keep in mind that the best psychics, like the best artistic geniuses, often pay a price for their talents. To perceive life in ways different than the rest of the people you know is a thoroughly alienating way of life. One reason master psychics feel the need to read other people is to connect with other human beings. The best psychics often are those best at maintaining a positive flow of energy. So while the list I provide below is a snapshot of the current collective psychic trends in the United States, it’s only a snapshot. Ask another year and this list will have changed.

In no particular order, here are, by common acclaim, the four best American psychics currently working in the field of intuition and psychic readings.

Janet Nohavec


I knew my reading with Janet Nohavec would be special. She was at one time a nun, serving the Catholic church for five years in that capacity. Having been raised Catholic, I figured I would be extremely comfortable talking to Janet, and I was. This doesn’t mean that she reads exclusively for Catholics . . . but you can understand where I’m coming from.

Janet is the founder and pastor of a Spiritualist church in New Jersey. I consult her by phone a few times a year when I’m looking for something specific — messages from loved ones who have passed away. This is Janet’s specialty. She’s no intuitionist, she’s a straight ahead psychic medium.

Janet’s voice is comforting, her style of communicating is direct and quite bold (she doesn’t want the people she’s reading to tell her anything, only to listen to her messages) and the details she gave about each spirit delivering the messages were stunning.

Looking for a psychic medium to communicate with someone you’ve lost? A telephone reading from Janet Nohavec may be just what you need.

Rita S. Berkowitz


Rita Berkowitz is a psychic medium with a special skill. Her “spirit drawings” of loved ones are familiar to many fans of psychic phenomena the world over. Rita Berkowitz is able to perform this function because she has the ability to “see” the dead. Not like in the movies, and it is apparently not a scary phenomenon, but it enables Rita to make drawings of spirits that
appear to be frighteningly accurate.

I went to Rita Berkowitz for specific information about a relative –little is known about my father’s biological father, and my father was raised by a stepdad. Though Berkowitz was unable to provide me with the information I was seeking (after all, she can’t control the spirits that contact her) she was able to produce a rendering of my recently deceased grandmother that I cherish to this day as a keepsake.

Berkowitz’ skills are not just artistic. She is a gifted medium with a special skill, but her drawings are not a requirement for a good reading.

Another thing I appreciated about Rita Berkowitz — her prices. When I had my reading with her, she was charging FAR less than the average medium.

Jennifer Farmer


I was excited to find a world-class psychic working so close to where I currently live. Jennifer Farmer is an intuitionist and psychic medium working out of Keller, Texas. She’s gorgeous, with fiery red hair and a beautiful face — not to mention the fact that her skills as a medium and her intuitive abilities are off the charts.

Jennifer’s reading with me was long — an hour long to be exact. I’m used to participating in fifteen minute sessions with people who seem more interested in watching the clock than in communicating with me. With
Jennifer, I felt taken care of, even loved, and the messages and intuitions she passed on to me were precise, correct, and eerily timely.

For example — as soon as the reading started, Jennifer told me there was a grandfather of mine in the room. She then described my maternal grandfather in specific detail, from his hair color and style to the delivery of his words, and was able to share a message from him that made the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

Jennifer does phone readings for people all over the country, but she will also set up a face to face reading if you’re in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metropolitan area. Check out her website at

Glenn Klausner


Glenn Klausner is the only male medium I’ve ever had a top-notch psychic experience with. His work is just how I like it — to the point, specific, and accurate. Glenn Klausner doesn’t play games on the telephone, or use
cheesy psychic tricks to “convince” you of his powers. My reading with Glenn Klausner was via telephone, not my favorite way to get a reading, but one that can be very revealing.

Klausner passed with flying colors. Right away he got into specifics about my life, my past, messages from the spirits of friends and family, and a few intuitions that bordered on “advice”. I could do without the intuition
advice . . . rarely have I visited an intuitionist that I felt was worth the time, but Glenn Klausner’s spirit guidance was top notch.

Klausner works in the New York area, but is happy to do telephone readings and consultations. If you’ve never had a reading with a male medium, you’re in for an interesting experience. Glenn Klausner is the typical male psychic — there’s no “filler” to his readings, and your entire reading will be spent on you and your needs.

Call for Psychic Submissions

Any psychic who wants to be included on our state pages should contact me through the Comments section of this website or via email. After a quick verification process, I’ll add you to our state listings. If you want a more detailed listing added to the Best USA Psychics directory, provide the kind of details you want presented about you and I’d be happy to provide a full page write-up.

As we continue, I want to provide answers to all the questions people might have. Whether you’re a believer, a skeptic, or a psychical agnostic, I want to give you a well-rounded look at the spiritual landscape of America. On this site, I want to answer questions like the following.

Feel free to give contact information, readings offered, pricing information, personal training and background, biographical details, and whatever else you feel is appropriate to convince potential clients they need your services. I want this website to be a service to the best psychics in America, so you guys can in turn provide psychic readings, healing, and counseling to the people in your communities. It seems to me you are in the business of providing alternative solutions to the problems of modern people in our society. That’s a noble idea, and I want to help.

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  1. genevieve
    May 25, 2014 at 7:27 pm

    I would like to know if I am moving from current state and if I will ever find the man of my dreams

    • June 11, 2014 at 2:29 am


      I’m afraid I have no psychic abilities at all. The best I could do was consult the Magic 8-Ball on this website:

      Is Genevieve going to move from her current state? Outlook Not So Good
      Will Genevieve ever find the man of her dreams? Outlook Good

      So there you have it. I bet you’ll take these results over their reverse. In all seriousness, though, this website offers information on plenty of real psychics, so I suggest you find one in your area and give them a call.

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