Best YouTube Videos of 2014 Psychic Predictions

Collective Insight into the Year 2014

Psychics post prediction videos on YouTube every day. These people can be famous or obscure, polished or wild. Whether they are famous professionals or unpolished amateurs, these people can offer amazing insights into the Earth’s near-future. That’s what I want to explore today: 2014 predictions from the online psychic community.

The great thing about these Youtube videos is they act as a record of past accomplishments. If someone is right, it’s recorded for all time. If they’re dead wrong, then they are exposed for practicing bad prophecy. You can compare and contrast the many individuals, draw comfort and information from the ones who know the future, or learn cautionary tales from the more apocalyptic among them.

I’ve taken a selection of seers and astrologers, Tarot card readers and spirit mediums, and I’ve collected them all in one place. Now that you see them all together, us viewers can make notes and see which ones prove to be right.

I suggest anyone watching these should keep their own notes and draw their own conclusions. Those who enjoy horoscopes for the insight and wisdom they bring might prefer these longer term predictions about the larger world. Those who hope to avoid the pitfalls of life might learn lessons from the throng. Maybe those intuitive types can sketch a pattern in all these homespun prophecies, finding a common thread that runs through all of them. Perhaps you’ll be the one who spots the core truth behind the sum total of these forecasts, gaining a wider perspective or rare insights.

And I suppose those who remain skeptical can get a good laugh.

Psychics Offering Yearly Insight

I place these in no particular order. I do not endorse any of these prognosticators. I cannot say whether all this foretelling means something or will help you make decisions in life. I view it as illuminating entertainment.

Anthony Carr – World’s Most Documented Psychic

Anthony Carr is a Canadian psychic best known for predicting the 9/11 terrorist strike, as his followers believe he did. Mr. Carr prophecized a “cataclysmic cosmic event” in 2001. He told people to “watch for a sign in the heavens. It will shock the whole world.” He also said the incident would “put the fear of God in us.”

Robert Shapiro 2014 Predictions

Robert Shapiro is the producer of “A Mystical Man’s World” blog on Blogger. Shapiro is an advocate of benevolent transformation theory, in which he believes a man can transform things like atomic radiation into something good for Mother Earth.

Tara Greene – Psychic Intuitive Astrologer Tarot Reader Channel

Tara Greene out of Toronto claims to be Canada’s #1 psychic. She is available for parties, corporate events, special events, and private readings. Tara Greene pioneered corporate the trend of Tarot readings at corporate events back in the 1990’s. The upshot of her wisdom is the idea we can expect a “very unstable” year.

Bob Hickman Psychic Medium – Spirit Channel

Bob Hickman is a psychic medium out of Alexandria, Virginia. He might look crazy, but Bob is a master of “Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and Trance”. He helps bring other people into the “World of Spirit”.

The Psychic Twins – Terry and Linda Jamison – Beyond the Gate Radio

The Psychic Twins did Anthony Carr one better: they out-and-out predicted the World Trade Center would be attacked by 2002 at the latest. On the Art Bell Show in 1999, they were recorded saying, “”that there would (will) be terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and federal buildings by 2002.”

That wasn’t the only terrorist plot the lovely Terry and Linda Jamison have exposed. The twins have also predicted tornadoes and celebrity breakups.

Dhanassua Raashi 2014 Yearly Predictions

I can’t say that I know much about Dhanassua Raashi, but he has a flair for the dramatic. His Hindi prophecies are visceral.

Psychic Nikki Predicts the Future

Dubbed “Psychic to the Stars”, Nikki advertises her psychic phone number as 416-961-7976. For the coming year, she has predicted such things as war between Israel and Iran, a fire at Buckingham Palace, riots in Detroit, a meteor crash in China, an attack on the Pope while in the Vatican, a copycat marathon tragedy, terrorist attacks in the capitals of a half dozen major nations (including Moscow, London, and Washington DC), a chemical attack in a major US city, and a new American Civil War. Holy cow!

Kelly Rosano April 2014 Astrology

Kelly Rosano describes herself as “empowering, inspiring, and uplifting”, which is probably needed, after that last set of predictions. Her audio sessions can be found on iTunes.

Gregory Scott – Intuitive Tarot Prediction

Gregory Scott is a prolific Youtube poster, so you can find countless prophecies on the world’s most famous video website. Gregory Scott is a practitioner of “Intuitive Tarot readings”.

Vaara Phalalu – February and March 2014 Weekly Predictions

Vaara Phalalu can be found on Rasiphalalu TV Show on Maa TV. Not only does he make weekly predictions through video submissions, but Vaara Phalalu does not look like somebody you would want to meet down a dark alley. The video below is just one of his weekly broadcasts, so tune in if you want a constant stream of prophecy. Or if you prefer, you can watch online Grahabalam.

Jorianne the Coffee Psychic Yearly Prophecies – Jeanne and Alpina Interview

The Coffee Psychic offers seances, channelings, exorcisms, past life regressions, house clearings, paranormal investigations, personal readings, and (on top of all of that) house parties. She also holds Super Psychic Sundays.

Karen Lustrup – Capricorn April 2014 – Astrology Forecast

Karen Lustrup is a clairvoyant and astrologer. Her main focus appears to be relationship advice. If you want a phone conversation, her first 3 minutes cost $4.99 (per minute). You know, these psychics pull down a nice rate per hour. I don’t like the ones that get real chatty when I’m paying 5 bucks a minute, so you can expect Karen Lustrup to be concise and to the point.

Makara Rashi – 2014 to 2070 Astrological Predictions

You’ll find Makara Rashi on GaneshaSpeaks, which provides insights on horoscopes, love and dating, relationships, marriage and family matters, wealth, careers, and personal matters. At the site, you can find starry specials and smart apps, too. The main focus is astrology, though.

Toby Turner – Crazy Psychic Predictions – FAKE (satire)

Toby Turner is known for his Internet videos and his stage name, Tobuscus. He’s a comedian and all-around wiesenheimer, but Toby Turner has 13.9 million video subscribers and over 2.8 billion views over the course of his amazing online video career. He’s got an amazing following online and has set records for crowdfunding projects, so you don’t want to mess with this man. In the video below, Tobuscus takes a swipe at Youtube psychic prediction videos.

So there you have it: 14 different yearly predictions for the year 2014. One of these offers far-ranging insight all the way out to the year 2070. As for me, I’ll only worry about this decade, for now.

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