California Astrology Association stands for the California Astrology Association, which was established in 1970. The CAA offers an astonishing list of spells, psychic readings, and witchcraft to help you in your everyday life. Among the California Astrology Association’s most popular sellers are love spells, money spells, and love horoscopes. The CAA also promises a money back guarantee for every product and service they offer.

This group is extraordinary. If I thought they were real practitioners, I would fear them. I don’t, so I’m going to expose these charlatans for what they are.If Calastrology was real, then I’m sure I’d have been the victim of the Krakow Curse by now. Luckily, I’m alive and well in my small mansion in rural Texas.

Below are just some of the spells offered, which people can purchase from Calastrology.

Andreika the Witch
Will Cast a Spell for You

  • Luck Spell
  • Money Spell
  • Retribution Spell
  • Retrieve a Lover Spell
  • Triple Cast Spells
  • Blazing Fast Spells
  • Couple-Buster Curse
  • Relationship Doctor Spells
  • Gypsy Hypnotic Spells
  • Extreme Spells
  • Get-Even Spells
  • Growing His Love Spells
  • Authentic Voodoo Spells

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This is just a small sampling of the spells listed, but I think you’re beginning to get an idea. Beyond the generic wiccan spells, you can buy specialist help like “Andreika the Witch”, the mysterious “Obeah Spell”, Burton’s Mega Spells, and Papa D’oc Spells. I’m pretty sure not all of these names refer to a specific person, but this gives you an idea the specificity of the spells being invoked.

White Magic Spells – California Astrology Association

Now, the California Astrology Association doesn’t implicitly tout these spells as “white magic” – that’s my distinction. These are spells which tend to help you without harming others. They tend to be restorative and purge evil from your life in some way. A few involve the “power of positive thought”, giving you the confidence and focus you need to make necessary changes in your life. These tend to be what I call “harmless”, because they don’t necessarily encourage you to think bad thoughts about other people.

  • Aura Cleansing Spells
  • Self-Improvement Spells
  • Go For It Spells
  • Purge Evil Spirits
  • Happiness Spell
  • Think Thin Spell
  • End Regrets Spell
  • Dream-Catcher Spell

While I’m not sure what I think about the “Think Thin” spell, I can see the psychological assistance believing in a “Go for It” or “End Regrets” spell might offer. The rite of passage that a spell might offers in getting regrets out of your mind might help a person with particular neuroses, though I doubt it would help many. The Go-For-It spell might boost your confidence, if you believe you have something that’s going to assist you, if you take a change. Fortune favors the bold, they say, so I can see the value in the power of positive thought, in this case.

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Black Magic Spells – Castrology

Witch Doctor Spell Kits
This next list of spells I find abhorrent. I don’t necessarily find them abhorrent, because I think they actually are zapping people with curses, hexes and witchcraft. I find them abhorrent, because they encourage people to wish bad things on their fellow human beings, instead of finding positive ways to resolve their life issues. Don’t find a way to solve your problems reasonably, or get out of a bad situation; buy a revenge or retribution spell.

  • Black Curses
  • Vampire Spells
  • Whammy Spell!
  • Terminator Spell
  • Snake-Eyes Spell
  • Retribution Spell
  • Black Magic Spell (generic)
  • Warlock’s Revenge Spell

This is where I wonder about the California Astrology Association. Ask yourself what you think about a group of sorcerers and wiccans who are willing to sell their abilities to harm people based on your ability to pay $30. Mind you, the CAA doesn’t seem to care whether you are the aggrieved in these situations. They’ll take sides, whether you’re the good buy or the bad guy, depending on who is first to pay them. This is black hat astrology, in my point of view.

Imagine two people in a dispute, both going to the Castrology website, hoping to pay the CAA to place the dreaded Snake-Eyes spell on each other. Boom – you both get hammered by perhaps the worst spell known to the California Astrology Association. Imagine if your enemy chooses the “Preemptive Strike Spell” or the “Reverse Curse Spell”. Then your money goes for naught, and you get hammered with your own deviltry.

I suppose the CAA would tell you they know who is good and who is bad, because of their psychic powers, astrology readings, and skills at tarot. I haven’t yet seen them make that claim on their website, though. For all you can tell, the CAA is willing to curse perfectly innocent people for twenty or thirty dollars. In fact, for six dollars more, they’ll double the strength of that curse.

 Spell Casting Services by the California Astrology Association

California Astrology Association Money Spells

Perhaps the money spells list is less corrupt, though I once again wonder how the metaphysics of this works. Once again, let’s use our imaginations. Imagine you are a powerful psychic with the ability to know beforehand what the lottery winning numbers are going to be, which is the implication in the Lottery spell. Would you play the lottery and retire to a beach in the Caribbean, or sell that ability to someone else for $29?

I suppose it hasn’t been proven that psychics from the California Astrology Association haven’t done both. I guess, once again, these people could be running this website from that beach in the Caribbean, but it also seems like twenty-nine dollars is small change for someone who has won the lottery. Also, why haven’t we heard about all these lottery winners who used the CAA website? Maybe it’s a well-kept secret.

Or maybe their Bingo-Sweeps Lottery Spell doesn’t work. Once again, their page selling this spell doesn’t explicitly state you’ll win the lottery, if you buy this magick (only that you’ll be better at games of chance), but why name it the lottery spell, if you aren’t trying to convince people it’s going to help them win the lotto, Mega Millions or Powerball?

  • Wealth Spell
  • A Rich Life Spell
  • Spells to Vanish Debt
  • Casino Buster Spells
  • Bingo-Sweeps Lottery Spell
  • The Cash! Spell
  • Money Windfall Spell
  • Break the Bank Spell

Once again, this is just a small sampling. The people at the California Astrology Association know a thing or two about using magic spells to make money, though perhaps not in the way advertised. A lot of the CAA’s spells have to do with money or your bank account. The only subject more traveled is love and relationships magic.

What I hate about the money spell list is that people needing money are sending their money to the CAA, instead of saving it up.

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Love Spells

The love spells, I’ll be a little less harsh on. A lot of times, having the confidence to speak to the guy or girl you’ve had the crush on is half the battle. So buying a spell which gives you a false sense of security might have a placebo effect which gets you moving in the right direction. Women love confidence, so if you’re a guy who needs an “Adore Me” or “Make Me Sexy” spell to give him that confidence, then maybe these have a certain value. Maybe, maybe not.

  • Romance Me Spell
  • Adore Me Spell
  • Send Me My Lover Back! Spell
  • Barrelful of Love Spell
  • Make Me Sexy Spell
  • End His Roving Eye Spell
  • Love Magic Spell
  • Delicious Sex Spell
  • Torrid Affair Spells

The magic love spells I’m not so sure about are the ones like the “Couple Buster” spell or the “Enchantment” spell. The first appears to be a curse to break up a possibly contented couple, while the second appears to put an enchantment on someone who wouldn’t otherwise be attracted to you. You might as well buy the Rohypnol Spell or the Roofies Spell.

The Krakow Spell

One of my favorites is the Krakow spell. This is kind of an everything spell. The person behind this magic helps you become a master of your life. This will-worker is a telepathic blessed with the power to connect and forge a bond with a person. Their telepathy is so great, in fact, that the Krakow spell-caster can determine exactly what you desire and need.

Your bond will become stronger with “Krakow” (for lack of a better distinction). They will know your pain, frustrations, and disappointments. Eventually, though, you may sense their spirit beside you, giving you the necessary force to gain riches “in love and money”.

What do you have to pay to get this kind of powerful boost? Only $29. If you want the spell cast twice to increase its power – once now and one in two hours – all you have to do is pay $6 more. $35.00 is all you need to have the Krakow Spell change your life. That’s Amazing.

 Powerful Love Spells to help you find–and keep–your true love. Absolutely guaranteed, or your money back!

Do Calastrology Spells Work?

Since ethical concerns might not be high up on your list of priorities when deciding whether to buy from the California Astrology Association, let’s address the question which might be more of a concern to potential customers: do Castrology spells work?

I did some searching for “california astrology association scams” and found a number of people who complained the CAA wasn’t honoring their moneyback pledge. Those posted complaints tended to be countered by people who either said the CAA spells worked for them, or that they had honored their promises and paid them back. Some pointed out that the CAA’s guarantee is for 1 year, so they don’t pay you back until a year transpires and nothing’s happened. Others suggested they were paid back within 3 to 6 months, usually a week or so after complaint.

This goes to show that CAA spells don’t always work. The people defending the California Astrology Association claimed that spells only worked when they believed in them and kept a positive attitude. This is a great built-in excuse, of course. If the spell didn’t work, it’s not the fault of the California astrologers. You just didn’t believe enough.

California Astrology Association Success Rate

I suppose those who support noetic science might say that, for a skeptic or disbeliever in magic, these spells are never going to work for you. If you believe that magic spells can help you in your life and it’s worth roughly $29 to you to find out, then try out the California Astrology Association. If you have lingering doubts or qualms, save your money.