Joze Ortiz “El Buen Samaritano” 2014 Predictions, 2012 Prediciones

Jose Ortiz is a Puerto Rican astrologer and psychic, born July 28, 1952. His title, El Buen Samaritano,  translates literally into English as “The Good Samaritan,” a direct reference to a story in the Bible. Though Jose Ortiz practices arts which the Bible specifically says are sins, Ortiz blends Christianity with his own personal mix of astrology and psychic visions. Ortiz is most famous for his “prediciones,” or predictions, which we’ll look at in detail.

Joze Ortiz El Buen Samaritano 2012 Predictions, Prediciones

Joze Ortiz El Buen Samaritano 2012 Predictions, Prediciones

Jose Ortiz, El Buen Samaritano, A Brief Biography

Jose was born in the village of Aibonito, in Puerto Rico. Ortiz and his family were very poor–his father worked on a tobacco farm and his mother, known to neighbors simply as “Mrs. Evarista,” was a seamstress. A poor family with eight children–there’s a fairly typical origin story for a psychic. Poverty and hardship seems to be a common theme among today’s famous psychics.

Jose says that his powers began in “early childhood,” when he noticed that he had special access to what he calls “divine insight,” which means that his every thought and action was guided by a power greater than himself. In other words, Ortiz was having psychic visions, which Ortiz later clarified started at the age of five years old.

Jose Ortiz often talks about “beings of light” that communicate to him and help him make predictions about the future. If you’re at all familiar with psychic phenomenon, you know that paranormal experts would call what Ortiz experiences “extrasensory perception,” or ESP. Ortiz’ ability seems to be to connect with deceased teachers and philosophers, who communicate with him and guide him in predicting the future.

The Predictions of Jose Ortiz, The Good Samaritan

Any psychic who makes predictions is going to be a controversial figure. Look at Sylvia Browne and how her predictions have brought her both fame and scorn. Jose Ortiz is probably most famous for books of “prediciones,” a few of which we’ll look at in detail. Understanding Ortiz’ predictions is the best way to understand Ortiz himself, and his psychic activities and gifts.

Most of Ortiz’ predictions involve disasters on a grand scale. This is another thing that brings him a lot of scorn from the paranormal community. Ortiz allegedly predicted the crash of TWA Flight 800, a famous plane crash involving a trans-Atlantic flight from New York to Paris, though there is no print or video evidence of this prediction.

Ortiz made headlines in the days following the terrorist attack of September 11th, claiming that he predicted both the bombing of the twin towers in the 1990s and the terrorist attacks by Osama bin Laden that collapsed the towers. When pressed for evidence of this prediction, and asked why he didn’t warn people about the tragedies, he was very vague, saying only that he knew a terrible and tragic thing would occur, and he knew no one would listen to him.

There is some documented evidence of Jose Ortiz’ predictions: exactly one year to the day before the transfer of power of government in Cuba from Fidel Castro to Raul Castro, Ortiz said on his TV program “The Call of Good Luck” that just such a thing would happen. During that TV show, he also predicted the Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans, and there is evidence of his prediction that floods would drown many people and displace hundreds of thousands from their homes. The hurricane hit New Orleans within hours of his prediction, which has to send a chill up your spin.

How Did Jose Ortiz Become Famous?

When Ortiz was 11, he and most of his family moved to New York City, as many Puerto Ricans were doing at that time. His parents did not go with him, and he was left in the care of his older brother Enrique. Within three years, Ortiz’ psychic readings and powers of prediction became famous enough that young Jose was invited to speak on WADO radio in New York City. In the interview, he was questioned about his psychic powers by the radio host and famous Puerto Rican actress and model Gilda Miro. When a few of Ortiz’ minor predictions came true, including the mysterious death of thousands of pigeons within a few blocks of the radio station itself, the station’s president was impressed enough to give the teenage Jose his own show on WHBI in NY.

From when he was 14 until the early 1980s, Jose Ortiz was most famous for making major predictions and psychic forecasts in Spanish on various radio stations aimed at the Puerto Rican and Hispanic communities in New York City. Ortiz uses a mix of the Bible, tarot cards, astrology, and his own psychic intuition to make these predictions, and continues to do so, even though he is no longer a regular on American radio.

When José Ortiz moved back to Puerto Rico in the early 80s, he also changed his name to “El Buen Samaritano,” and began his own TV show, called “La Llamada de la Buena Suerte.” He made predictions about local politics, natural disasters, and things of importance to the Hispanic community. He can often be seen on Telemundo and Univision talking to callers about their future, communicating with the dead, and doing live tarot readings.

I like Jose Ortiz “The Good Samaritan” because of his blend of traditional Christian mysticism, modern New Age philosophy, and the arts of tarot and communication with the dead. His predictions, and claims of predictions, are somewhat difficult to back up with evidence, though if you speak Spanish, you can listen to his TV program and old radio shows and hear him make very accurate predictions of world events. These days, he focuses mainly on politics and entertainment in the Latin American world, and is not a major figure among American psychics. Still, any mystic who claims to predict things like terrorist attacks and plane crashes is going to garner a lot of attention, and Jose Ortiz’ bizarre style of dress and outlandish blend of traditions makes him stand out among a crowd of psychics that emerged from Puerto Rico and neighboring countries in the 1950s and 1960s.

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