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Private Phone Readings and Psychic Consultations

They say lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same spot. Linda and Terry Jamison are an example that psychic lightning sometimes does.

You’ve probably heard about twins who seem to have a telepathic link to one another. These sensitives are said to be able to sense when their siblings is happy or sad, sick or in trouble. The Jamison sisters take this metaphysical ability to the next level: they are diviners.

Famous for predicting hundreds of future events over the past couple of decades, these modern oracles have a claim to fame few other psychical professionals can match: they predicted the Twin Towers collapsing. Using a special technique the two devised to augment their own natural abilities, the two can give specialized readings in person or via telephone.

The Psychic Twins, Linda and Terry Jamison, have been featured on shows like Good Morning America, The View, Oprah’s OWN Network, and Nightline. The Jamisons have a decades-long psychic practice in which they’ve helped thousands of people cope.

Through observation and insight, the sisters aid struggling people by acting as life guides. Few of life’s major trouble spots are off-limits.

What makes the Psychic Twins unique is their twin ability to see the future. People get double the empathy and advice they would normally get in a clairvoyant consultation.

Educational Background

The two studied painting in Rome and have art degrees. Their father was Philip Jamison (, a water color master. The sisters have been practicing Buddhists for 30 years, which they say aids in their spirituality.

Powers Discovered Through Fighting Illness

Terry and Linda fought through many illnesses in their youths, including cancer, depression, fatigue, and migraines. Neither medicine nor mainstream treatments seemed to help. Eventually, they went to a psychic healer who cured them of their troubles, while encouraging them to develop their own abilities.

In time, they developed their own methods of divination. Their special technique includes automatic writing, which allows thoughts to flow. They describe their automatic writing like an illuminated manuscript. Before they begin channeling, they say a divination prayer which asks for angelic guides and protectors, asking to get only the clearest visions with the most important information.

Before Becoming Psychics

Before they began their current business, the Linda and Terry had a theatrical company in New York City for 10 years. They were performance artists, performing for corporate events and other organizations. They worked for Fortune 500 companies and at the White House. Their show included lots of costumes, singing, comedy, and miming.

They even played the Lincoln Center, working in a show with Pavarotti and Bob Hope. The pair worked on a Saturday Night Live skit as the two-headed housewife.

Claim to Fame – 9/11 Prediction

Of course, fame is not a proper gauge of a person’s transmundane abilities. People in trouble want their tips and predictions from those with a proven record of occult insight.

The sisters are famous for predicting in a radio interview the coming 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center Towers. The recording was made in 1999, nearly two years before the tragedy. It has rightly been called the most important prophecy ever recorded. If only people had listened.

Psychic Twins Sessions

When you do a private reading with the twins, both sit with you at the same time. They do not double their rates, so you get two for the price of one. In phone readings, both sisters sit in on the same call.

They are identical twins. Terry is the extrovert. She’s flamboyant and risk taking, while Linda is the more introverted of the two. The sisters say they have very different painting styles in their art, but in their readings, they are almost identical.

Consultations include These Subjects

You can consult with the sisters about love, health, money, career, and finance. Family matters are another topic which is on the table. They say many of their female clients come to them about romantic issues, asking questions about future relationships, broken romances, and past loves. They say women have been encouraged to put happiness outside themselves, but their advice often centers on other things.

The Psychic Twins are counselors and psychic healers, too. They want to help their clients reclaim their power and refocus their talents. Ultimately, this helps them focus their lives in the proper direction.

Not only do they help with observations and suggestions in many areas a therapist would offer assistance in, but they also make predictions about the future and help people make better choices in avoiding troubles with love, health, careers, and money.

If you want to see what their 2014 predictions are, take a look at the following eye-opening video.

These prophecies are made each year, and they consistently stack up against the most famous and respected prophets in the world today. Their visions are accurate.

Encouragement and Self-Empowerment

The sisters want to encourage and empower people to help themselves. They can get to the heart of a person’s issues, because they are able to see with amazing clarity a person’s past issues. They know if you were abused as a child. They know if you’ve been neglected. They know if your parents had trouble expressing their love. When you deal with a spirit medium, astral seer, or psychic who can see these issues, then you save a lot of time and embarrassment having to explain them yourselves.

If you believe in supernatural abilities to predict the future, then you should be talking to a spiritual guide regularly. People are on this Earth for a reason. You were placed here in this time and this place for a specific purpose. Consult with people who can tell you what you need to know.

The modern world here in the earlier 21st century is time-consuming and hectic. We’re told by the media and the people around us to be skeptical. We’re told by our so-called common sense–even our very senses–to believe only what we see and hear. But something else exists beyond our mere eyes and ears. You can feel it when you pray. You can sense it when you dream at night. You know it’s there, waiting to be perceived. Speak with someone able to make sense of the broken patterns around us. Talk to The Psychic Twins.

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The sisters also have official pages on Twitter and Linkedin. If you have troubles, do not be hesitant to call them on your land line, cellphone, iPhone, or Android smartphone. People from anywhere in the United States can call the Psychic Twins.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, contact these spirit mediums and make an appointment for a consultation. Between the two of them, they have over 60 years in the business.

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